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Feb 16th, 2010


Sexy transparent top is suits great to her super skinny body. Her cock is hidden in her black panties but not so long. Few moments later her top has been removed and all her tits are visible. But the best moment is when Kelly Shore is taking of her panties. Her cock is very sweet and of course well shaved. Very nice set Kelly!


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Feb 8th, 2010


Very nice mini and sexy corset is wearing by Kelly shore in this photoset. It seems that she love wearing sexy clothes. But the hottest things she has been hidden under her mini. There are sexy black thongs which are covering her tranny cock. Ts Shore is posing solo at home and playing with her tits and cock.


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Jan 27th, 2010

I love tranny body of Kelly Shore especially when it is in move. Thats why I think that this photos of dancing Kelly Shore are so sexy. Just look on her skinny shape body. When she is moving she looks lovely. Her ass is round like apple, cock big like sausage, legs long like tree and her face is beautiful like the most beautiful woman. I can saying only the best about this shemale pornstar. Just click below on the photo and check one of the newtest galleries comming from official website of Kelly.

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Dec 27th, 2009

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Kelly Shore has great shape body. She is skinny and has very nice tits. Kelly is looking very sweet in sexy lingerie. Below I have posted sample gallery coming from her fresh picture set where she is posing in red corset. Kelly Shore is not wearing only this lingerie. She has sexy red thongs, too. Kelly is stripping very carefully and showing her body from all sites. You can admire her round firm ass and boobs or looking on her sweet face. But the most exciting has been hidden under her sexy panties. It is shemale cock. It is nice and big and it is making from Kelly Shore hot tranny pornstar. In the end of photoset you can watch Kelly Shore stroking her shemale cock. Click below to check sample gallery comming from her official brand name website!


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Dec 10th, 2009

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I have found great fetish photos of Kelly Shore. She is posing here in sexy latex uniform. It has two parts: top which hidden breast only and bottom mini dress. She looks wonderfully and very spicy. First shemale pornstar taking of her top showing ger nice round tits. She playing with a little and then start playing with her cock hidden under bottom parts. We don’t see nothing becouse all action is under her mini scirt. In the end there is a moment when Kelly Shore is taking of her mini. Now her tranny cock is visible. It is big and beautiful. Pornstar Kelly Shore start stroking it to cumshot moment.

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Dec 4th, 2009

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Kelly Shore as princess? Why not! I have found very nice photoserie of Kelly Shore posing as princess. She has tiara on top of her head. She looks beautifull not only shemale Shore is wearing tiara but she is wearing great clothes and of course she is beautiful. There are no words to describe beauty of Kelly Shore Ts in this photos, so I have decided to add sample photos. She is wearing only black lingerie. Her sexy transparency bra and small panties makes from her very spicy shemale pornstar. Her black pantyhose are unusual. All on her body looks amazing. After first part of photos it is time to have naked photos. Kelly shore is stripping and showing her sweet shaved cock and round ass. Don’t waste your valuable time. Download full set of pictures from Kelly Shore webpage!

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Nov 27th, 2009

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Oral sex of men and shemale could be exciting. Look on photoset of Kelly Shore. She is posing here with her boyfriend – Lobo. Two persons and two cocks so there are two dick sucking actions. First Lobo is taking of panties of TS Kelly Shore. Make her cock bigger and start sucking it. Kelly Shore is closing her eyes to feel better when Lobo is sucking her tranny cock. Yes, blowjobs sometimes could be nice. It is something another than hard sex. In many places good blowjob is more safe than sex. For example in public places there is always risk that somone will catch you. Kelly Shore is having her cock sucked and it is nice view. Few moments later is a change. Now tranny Kelly Shore is sucking cock of Lobo. He has smaller cock than shemale Kelly but sucking it is nice always.

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Nov 20th, 2009

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I have seen nice photos of Kelly Shore. All comes from her official page. Pornstar Kelly poses in sexy mini light blue dress. In red heels she seems to have legs much longer than really are. Under her dress shemale Shore is wearing green thongs. Kelly Shore taking of her dress and showing her middle tits. She is not removing her panties. First she is making her tranny cock bigger and showing dick a little. The best moments are when Kelly Shore is completly nude. Then she is fingering her ass and stroking cock. Playing with so huge stick must be nice. Everyone shemale lover would like to suck it probably. Yes, shemale Kelly Shore is dream transsexual poser. We are waiting for new photos of this great pornstar. I have hope to see movie from this episode soon.

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Nov 12th, 2009

Nice and very hardcore video of Kelly Shore we can find in members area of her official page. Shemale Kelly posing here solo but I see that she don’t need any company to look horny and sexy. She is wearing only tiny chain on her belly. From begginings of this video clip Kelly Shore is naked and is playing her cock. It is very nice view becouse tranny Kelly looks wonderfully. Her face is sweet when she is masturbating. End of movie is big cumshots I love so hot videos of shemale pornstar Kelly Shore. It makes me hotter everytime.

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Nov 4th, 2009

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Kelly Shore has nice new photosession avalible at her official page. She is posing in black top. This time Kelly looks glamour and beautifull. There are no any hardcore photos. Just beauty Kelly Shore pictures serie. Shemale Shore is wearing sexy black thongs, black top and high heeled shoes. She looks like shemale of my dreams. Her cock is nice and shaved. Kelly is not stroking her cock. She is turning around to presents her body. When she is staying behind we can admire her round ass and very long legs. From front we can admire her sweet face and nice round boobies. I have hope that Kelly Shore movie from this photosession will be avalible soon.

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